Writesonic – AI Copywriting Tool

WriteSonic is an AI copyrighting tool which offers a suite of tools developed for various uses.

Content Quality

Starting with the end of 2021 when I started using WriteSonic, the quality wasn’t that great – it was producing many paragraphs which didn’t seem to make much sense, getting references from Facebook comments (which weren’t any good at all) and other sources. Fortunately they have fixed this over time and removed some of the content sources which seemed to be problematic.

A SEO related content produced with WriteSonic tool is published here, where you can read it without any edits from my end – it is exactly as it was generated by WriteSonic. On the first sight, this seems fairly well organised and written. As it is rather a more general approach on SEO theme, WriteSonic did preform well. Where we found WriteSonic to be problematic as of autumn of 2022 is its content creation based on a timeline. With the World Cup 2022 played in Qatar just around the corner, even if the title susgested made reference to the year I was interested, WriteSonic was not capable to research and produce content related to the 2022. But it rather made reference to past World Cups, where Brazil was host country, and presented like this was the tournament to be watched now. I would have expected more from an AI writing tool to understand the timeline of an event especially if it still requires a bit of input from the user and this was made explicit. On a similar test made on ArticleForge I had no such problem, and with the same title suggestion, that tool was able to generate a 750 words content related to the correct tournament.

As an overall due to its continuous problems which I find, the content quality received only 3 stars out of 5.